About us

Tungkhoo dog salon is based on the observation of our happy behavior that we used to go to other services and then panic. Do not dare go into the shop to run shake when using the service. Finally decided to go to a dog training course from a reputable institution to complete the course and get a certificate of accreditation from the Ministry of Education. After completing the course, he went on to become a practicing trainer for a while. Until the construction of the store finished and officially opened on March 19, 2015, the Tungkhoo dog Salon is haved service grooming ,food  for dog and cat ,toy, dog accessories




General manager


General manager


Owner assistant


Tung khoo dog salon open at 09.00 - 17.00 p.m.,and close on monday , We are see and take care some your dog is start 100 bath per day and start 150 bath per night (food your dog is not included) ,bathing for your dog is start 150 bath, bath and cut hair is start 280 bath (cal price by dog is weight) If you are late queue please call me first

** Now policy for protected covid-19 please calling me to check queue before request a service and pick-up your pets on front of the door only **
** If your pets is large fleas, please treat them first. To prevent the spread to other customers' dogs, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Dog cleaning

We are professional technicians for dog gromming service. Bathe the dog by the way The correct procedure will help prevent the diseases that follow.

Hair cut

Dog cutting services cut into the shape of dogs. For aesthetics by professionals who provide this particular service. Have a professional certificate.

Dog care

Dogs and cats. Overnight Dogs With a clean place Get rid of germs every day. Pet friendly Friendly service

Toys & Food

Pet supplies, dog food, cat food, cat sand, shampoo, dog bath - cat rope toys, tick drops Odor Removal - Floor Scrub



Tungkhoodog salon
746 Prapin5, Soi.Ekachai109, Ekachai Rd. Bangbon,Ket.Bangbon, Bangkok, Thailand 10150
P: +6699-179-6665